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Minor League

Minor League

Offered for kids ages 9-10, the primary goal of the Minor League is to transition from a "coach-controlled" environment to one that resembles an actual competitive game, while still maintaining the major goal of learning, developing, and having FUN. This is probably the biggest transition your child will make throughout their baseball career because it introduces them to seeing actual live pitching from other kids as well as throwing pitches themselves.  It is also a very big transition for YOU the parent because, while your child may have been a great hitter throughout Beginners and Instructional, they may struggle a bit adapting to other kids throwing the ball. Our advice is to just be patient, and for that brief moment they're in the batter's box or on the pitchers mount ... take your parent hat off and just be a fan.


  •  All practice/game schedules will be finalized once registration is closed, quantity of teams is determined, coaches are selected, and rosters finalized.
  • All practices/games will be held at Berkeley Field, and some at Bartlett Field

  • Depending on the weather, you can anticipate (1) practice/game on a weekday and (1) on a weekend.
  • You can anticipate each practice/game should last approximately 2 hours (or 6-innings)

New Experiences

  • Kid Pitching during games
  • Umpired 6-inning games
  • Base stealing (after the pitch crosses the plate)
  • Pre-season Player Evaluations
  • Teams selection via a Coaches Draft
  • Post-season Playoffs and Championship
  • All-Star Game
  • Summer Tournament Play


The NHAA believes strongly in keeping things simple when teaching the game of baseball and softball. With that in mind we have developed five goal areas for each of the age groups. As a coach we want to keep these five goal areas in mind every time we plan a practice. They represent the fundamental building blocks for success. The goals at one level need to be accomplished before the goals at the next level can be pursued.

 These are the Five Goals that we believe and you should expect your child to have achieved at the completion of the Minor League Level:

 Learn the Basic Rules - introduction to and explanation of the infield fly rule

  • Baserunning - stealing, extra-base hits
  • Pitching and Throwing Mechanics - four-seam grip, shuffle, throw, follow, pitcher covering first.
  • Hitting - repetitions; drill work (tee work, soft toss, short toss, stick-ball, lob toss, on-arm drill); bunting
  • Learning Team Fundamentals - cutoffs and relays; basic defenses; basic first-and-third situations, underhand flip, infield/outfield communication and priorities.

League Rules 
Click here to view the NHAA League Rules
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